it’s a lush, organic love affair

meet our girl naima. she’s a babe...and it’s instant without the lovebombing. she looks and tastes like fika. looks can be deceiving, cashew nuts and buckwheat helped her along the way. crazy huh.

few ingredients, but refined sugar ain’t one. she’s not a fan, so we added a dose of that healthy stuff, dates, to keep her sweet and your blood sugar in check.

mental focus and energy are naima’s superpowers. she helps you stay blessed, not stressed. the adaptogens used in each bite are 100% legal, we promise.

superfood is a marketing term, but some foods stand out more than others for their sterling nutritional profile. like oats. naima is backed with this prebiotic, feeding your gut with all that awesome stuff.

a blend for a better taste and mood that will leave your body energised. did we mention she’s gluten-free too!? she’s a steal.

our mission

naima is serious about bringing nutritious, delectable and high quality snacks to everyone. we get to know all of our partners, so we can answer “who made our snacks” at every level of the supply chain, and ensure positive environment and social impacts of our stuff. but more on that when you scroll down.

alike you, we love the culture of fika. alike you, we’re equally not into fad diets or sugary options - they’re messy and often not that tasty or healthy for our bodies. what we are fans of, is practicing mindfulness with food; we prefer to reach for a healthy plant-based snack than something convenient and processed. we know that small changes can make a huge impact over time so we choose to create nutrient-dense, prebiotic, plant-based and gluten-free snacks powered by ancient herbs that taste just as delicious as traditional fika.
with naima you can empower the gut, strengthen the body and boost the mind in one bite. that’s what we call a trifecta.

we care

naima is for a more harmonious you and planet. our manufacturer in stockholm is certified organic, and we’re mindful of carbon emission so we ensure all our ingredients are locally sourced. our products are made the oldschool way by humans (a.k.a handmade), and will be continued to be vegan due to health, environmental and ethical factors.

free your mind, body and gut

..and the rest will follow. remember, if you don’t have homemade serotonin, online bought is fine.